Product Advantage

No. Item Archispace Flatpack house Evalution Other Brand Prefabricated House Evalution
1 Steel Structure galvanized steel beams and thicker steel materials used,high structure strength and durability ★★★★★ only painted steel beams and thinner steel materials used,low structure strength and durability ★★★
2 Electrical System pre-installed in the roof and wall panels,save onsite labor cost ★★★★★ need to be installed onsite,cause extra onsite labor cost ★★★
3 Plumbing Pipes pre-installed in the bottom frame, save onsite labor cost ★★★★★ need to drill holes and install on site, cause extra onsite labor cost
4 Window&Door pre-installed in the wall panels,save onsite labor cost ★★★★★ need to be installed onsite,cause extra onsite labor cost ★★★
5 Steel Pretreatment Archispace sand blasting equipment line,improve painting adhesion and durability ★★★★★ outsourced processing or no pretreatment,low painting adhesion and durability ★★★
6 Painting Archispace painting line to ensure good painting quality ★★★★★ outsourced painting,can not ensure the paiting quality ★★★
7 advanced paint technology,water based painting available,environment friendly ★★★★★ only oil based painting, cause damage to the environment ★★★
8 Degree of Prefabrication 70-90% as per customer requirement,save onsite labor cost ★★★★★ around 30% or only loosen parts available,cause extra site labor cost ★★
9 Marking two-dimensional code component tracking system can effectively manage each component ★★★★★ No label or very simple label, can’t track every component ★★
10 Fast Installation 4 workers could install 2 units in one day.
Offering installation manuals, videos guidance, or send people onsite to support.
★★★★★ Need many workers on site to install.
Without installation manuals, videos guidance, couldn’t send people overseas.
11 Packing & Delivery special steel packing shelfs to protect materials within the shipping container during the long-distance shipping ★★★★★ no packing frame,easy to cause damage to the material ★★★
12 self-packing method for short-distance transportation,no need to load into shipping container,save the shipping cost ★★★★★ only can load into shipping container ★★★