Argentina Dam Camp

Custom size flat pack container

Project Name : Argentina Dam Camp

Location:  Santa Cruz,Argentina

Volume: 456  Over Size Flat- pack containers

Completion Year: 2018

Project Description:

The project is the workers’ camp of Argentina’s Santa Cruz hydropower project, the largest international hydropower project of China. Yahgee provided the design, production and transportation services for the project. The camp is constructed of 456 oversized flat-packed containers, each of which has a size of 10.5×2.66×2.96m (length x width x height). The total construction area  is12,800 square meters. It includes workers’ dormitory, public toilet and public bathroom. Each room is equipped with air conditioner, radiator, smoke detector,  fire alarm system and network weak current system. All modules were assembled in the factory before shipment , which greatly reduce the installation time on site.