Nantong Hospital Expansion Project

off-site modular hospital in Nantong, takes 10 days

Project Name : Nantong Hospital Expansion Project

Location: Nantong City, China

Volume: 800 Flat- pack containers

Completion Year: 2020

Project Description:

Nantong Hospital expansion project was built for the corona virus epidemic in China in 2020, which was built by Archispace. The project was built with 800 flat-pack and has more than 300 beds. From production to installation, the whole project only takes 10 days!

Archispace is one supplier of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, has rich experience in Flat-Pack container house production, Archispace developed the Flat-Pack container national standard in China. (GB/T 37260.1-2018)

Archispace can provide overall plans for construction of temporary hospitals and on-site installation instructions.

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