Staff Modular Office And Dormitory Project

off-site office and dormitory building

Project Name: Sanya performing staff modular office and dormitory project

Location: Sanya Hainan, China

Volume:   162 Flat- pack containers

Completion Year: 2018

Project Description:

The project is located in a small performing arts town in Sanya. It is built with 162 flat-pack. There is a 2-storey office building and a 3-storey dormitory building in the camp. The main functional areas include offices, meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, etc., which can meet the office and living needs of all cast members.

The building has a internal corridor with good lighting and ventilation and strong typhoon resistance. The dark gray double slope roof plays the role of heat preservation and insulation. In the design of the facade, we use the brown wood veneer as the exterior wall decoration, with clear and beautiful texture, close to nature, tranquility and farsightedness, to create a leisurely life situation.