Temporary Worker Housing – Shenzhen

Workforce Housing Accommodations

Project Name : Shenzhen Qianhai cooperation zone centralized temporary construction project

Location: Shenzhen, China

Volume: Flat- pack containers and Pre-kit houses totally 33,000 ㎡

Completion Year: 2016

Project Description:

Qianhai cooperation zone centralized temporary construction zone project is a key project of Shenzhen Qianhai Administration Bureau. The camp has office, workers’ dormitory, canteen, bathroom, public supporting and other functional rooms. Since the construction of the project was started in November 2016, it took only two months for Archispace to complete the construction of the temporary camp covering an area of about 33,000 square meters, including 15,000 square meters of office area and 13,000 square meters of accommodation. The temporary construction area is composed of 46 buildings that built with flat-pack and pre-kit houses. It is expected to meet the needs of 720 office workers and 4000 residents during the peak period.